///Gaslight Group is a collective body of hospitality-based businesses that focus on the overall experience of the customer all the while empowering staff to go above and beyond expectations. With an emphasis on quality products, creative comfortable atmospheres, and an unwavering commitment to personable service, Gaslight Group strives to excel on all levels. Much like the city in which it was built, Gaslight Group embraces the diverse and eclectic individuality of what makes each space its own entity. Every staff member is empowered and trusted to put in efforts as if the business was their own. It is our people—both customers and staff—that are our biggest asset. Our success as a group relies on the determination of our staff to cultivate and maintain welcoming, positive, and respectful spaces for both patrons and staff to appreciate. We are Gaslight and we’ve got you covered.///

Work with us! We hire people that love what they do, believe in continuous learning, perform at their best and create a great place to work.

Gaslight Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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